Friday, September 14, 2012

Week 3 - Games to Keep an Eye On

What a great Week 2. Arkansas goes down in flames to ULM,  Nebraska gets man-handled by UCLA. I don't think anyone had both those upsets on the radar.

Arkansas is a full blown grease fire right now, and Nebraska is another loss away from one. Who had UCLA putting up an astonishing 648 yards against Nebraska? With Burkhead on the bench injured, and with starting defensive tackle Chase Rome leaving the team, some might wonder if the wheels are starting to come off a bit.

Anyone catch the end of the Notre Dame game? I've watched the last 2 minutes Notre Dame marching down the field a couple times now, and I am convinced the Irish got some favorable calls to edge out the win. Take the 1:45 marker where the officials missed 2 egregious calls (1) Tommy calls a timeout when they had none. The penalty, which again did not get called, should have resulted in a loss of down. Plus (2) They let the play run as the center snaps the ball with 0 left on the play clock. The play utlimately resulted in a first down, and kept the ball moving toward the go ahead score. The officials also missed a definitive offensive pass interference call that could have been a Purdue interception. Just something to keep an eye on.

With that said let's jump into Week 3's Games to Keep an Eye On:

Wake Forest at Florida State (Noon)

  • Much has been made of recent history where Wake Forest has won in recent history
  • Wake won 35 - 30 in 2011
  • Wake lost 31 - 0 in 2010
  • Wake lost 41-28 in 2009
  • Wake won 12-3 in 2008
  • I think FSU's is going to rise up and shut it down against the Deacs this year.
  • Brandon Jenkins is out for the season and just how big of deal will that be
  • Look for FSU to win by 4 TDs after FSU makes them 1 dimensional
(Photo courtesy of Reid Compton)

Alabama at Arkansas (3:30 PM)
  • I hate to say it Razorback fans, but you guys are a grease fire right now.
  • Petrino once again has left a program better than he found but seemingly in shambles
  • Its a complex problem and John L. Smith is not the man for the job - plain and simple
  • Saban and his squad will lay waste to Arkansas
  • Look for The Tide to win this one going away
  • Alabama's defense is once again too good. Keep an eye on #54 Jesse Williams.
  • I like the Tide by 2+ TDs
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North Carolina at Louisville (3:30 PM)
  • Now this has the makings for an overtime game, if I ever saw one
  • UNC in Week 1 lit it up against Elon, then losses to Wake Forest in a close one
  • Louisville lapped Kentucky in Week 1, then beat Missouri State soundly
  • Bryn Renner is a pretty efficient QB for UNC
  • I like UNC to pull this one out by a field goal in overtime
(Photo courtesy of Keith Coward)

Virginia at Georgia Tech (3:30 PM)
  • This is a stark contrast in ground games
  • Georgia Tech's running attack is pretty good
  • Virginia's not so much
  • Tech's defense is better too
  • Georgia Tech will be riding high, especially after everyone gets revved up after seeing the newly unveiled Bobby Dodd statue this weekend
  • Georgia Tech wins this one by 2 TDs
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Florida at Tennessee (6:00 PM)
  • I'm really surprised CBS didn't pull and SEC double header on this one
  • None the less ESPN has it and Game Day will be there
  • Lee Corso shenanigans aside this should be a doosie
  • Florida won a big road test last weekend in College Station with no relevant game footage to go on
  • They essentially shutdown A&M in the second half and that's where Florida's defense came into their own this year
  • Tennessee is looking much better this year, with essentially a new coach staff around Coach Dooley
  • But let's be honest NC State is middle of the pack ACC and Georgia State? C'mon
  • Edge goes the Gator Defense behind: Shariff Floyd, Dominique Easley, Jon Bostic, and Jelani Jenkins
  • If you don't know these guys, you will after Saturday
  • Tyler Bray is a heck of QB and I think he'll have a good day - if not a tough one, but a timely interception will prove to be the difference
  • Gators series winning streak is at 7
  • Gators win this one by 7 and move it to 8 in a row on the Vols
(Photo courtesy of Kim Klement)

Southern Cal at Stanford (7:30 PM)
  • This is the west coast game of the day
  • Both teams have played a little cat and mouse in preparations for this one
  • Its a tight balancing act, showcasing your stuff on a national stage, but keeping some the finer details hidden from an upcoming in-conference opponent
  • Another game that on paper looks like it could go to overtime, but I like Matt Barkley in this one
  • He's a 5th year senior who is taking 1 class this year, so he's got all day- check that all week to study film and practice for the upcoming opponent
  • In contrast Stanford's Junior QB, Josh Nunes is nothing to scoff at, but taking 1 class at USC versus a full load at do the math
  • Too many weapons for Stanford to deal with this year: Silas Redd (RB), Robert Woods (WR), and Marqise Lee (WR) will be too much to handle minus Coach Harbaugh and Andrew Luck (both are in the NFL now)
  • Southern Cal wins this one by 7
(Photo courtesy of Tom Melton)

Notre Dame at Michigan State (8:00 PM)
  • A perfectly timed we're kind of in the ACC press conference and oh yeah Notre Dame is on during prime time this Saturday night on ABC = Ratings Bonanza
  • You saw my notes at the top, I think the officials propped Notre Dame up a little during the 2 minute drill. 
  • Not saying they would not have won, but you go pop in the tape and tell me something does not smell a little fishy
  • That aside both coaches are steering their teams in the right direction for sure
  • MSU's defense is stout but so is ND's
  • I think this one comes down to QB play + RB
  • I give the edge to MSU and this is by virtue of one man - Le'Veon Bell. He's on my watch list this year. As a Junior he's approaching 2000 yards. 
  • If anyone is up to the task is Manti Te'o
  • Looks like an epic showdown and worthy of a primetime slot
  • Take the phone off the hook for this one, because if history serves us right this one is coming down the  wire
  • Could easily go either way, but Coach Dantonio, one of the best in the biz, pulls out another against The Irish
  • MSU by a field goal
(Photo courtesy of Gregory Shamus)

Texas at Ole Miss (9:15 PM)
  • I'm bucking the system and still calling them The Rebels
  • The nation will be flipping back between this and Notre Dame and this will hold the audience for sure
  • Can Coach Mack Brown get his act together?  Doubtful but he's got Manny Diaz running his Defense and he's no slouch
  • Does Texas have enough to stop the Ole Miss ground game which has been electric?
  • Probably
  • If you were paying attention, you noticed that a Rebel defensive back, Trae Elston, was suspended for this game for a nasty goal line play to stop a touch down. I use the word nasty loosely here, as it was a potential scoring play for the opponent. People will reply with defenseless play, but I honestly thought in the heat of the moment that it was a helluva play, and he should be playing in this game. Just my 2 cents
  • Decide for yourself: VIDEO
  • Bo Wallace could have one helluva coming out party if they can pull this one out in Oxford
  • Texas wins by 10
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